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Periodic Chart Checks

  Periodic graph checks   Periodic graph checks   Periodic graph checks   Periodic graph checks

We have chemistry! You think there is a scientific explanation for almost everything! It's not that you can't appreciate the mysterious, you just have an incredible passion to discover the unknown. You want to know why things happened, what they do and what makes them work. In the end … It all comes down to small atoms. That is what constitutes everything in our world! More than 200 years ago, chemist Antoine Lavoisier, the same man who discovered and named oxygen and hydrogen, developed the first periodic table. Your list of 33 elements would be the basis of what we use to identify chemicals today. Personal checks on the periodic table are another unique design. These controls were created specifically for our friends with a scientific mind. When you use them, you will remember that although some mysteries of nature remain unsolved, we can find the answers if we look hard enough and hard enough. Request your personal periodic letter checks today!

Options: individual: 1 box / 2 boxes / 4 boxes
Duplicates: 1 box / 2 boxes / 4 boxes / upper break and lateral break / features / 150 individual or 120 duplicates It is considered a box. Each box includes 6 check pads, 30 deposit vouchers and 1 check register /