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People Person Checks

  People checks   People checks   People checks   People checks

Stick figure style It's funny how a simple symbol can represent the entire human race. It can only seem cold and impersonal. But when you start looking at this check design, you see that these stick figures begin to assume some familiar features of humanity. A loving family World peace. Your circle of friends. We are all united as a chain of paper people. With elegant shades of purple and four unique styles, this plaid design is the perfect choice for your purse or pocket. Let me remind you of the connection between each person on Earth. Order your own Stick Figure personal checks today! It also offers free shipping when requesting personal checks.

Options: Individual: 1 box / 2 boxes / 4 boxes
Duplicates: 1 box / 2 boxes / 4 boxes / Top tear and side tear / Features / 150 individual or 120 duplicates is considered a box. Each box includes 6 check pads, 30 deposit vouchers and 1 check register /