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Paint Splatter Checks

  Paint splatter checks   Paint splatter checks   Paint splatter checks   Paint splatter checks

Kindergarten retrieval Can you really differentiate between most creations of abstract art and kindergarten? Think again if you can- go back to the days when school was full of fun, learning and experimentation. Your teacher removed the finger paints so that you and your friends could let go with a collage of crazy colors. Wet splashes of red and yellow, careless spots of purple and green, some landed on their paper, others landed on the table and others inevitably ended up in you and your classmates. What you brought home that day was definitely a work of art for you and your family. But I'm willing to bet that his originality could have made Andy Warhol jealous, and even Vincent van Gogh would have been impressed with his raw five-year-old talent! Paint splatters on personal checks are a reminder of the artistic uninhibited expressions of his childhood. Every time you use these personal checks, you will be reminded to let the child come inside you to have some fun once in a while. After all … There is no reason why adults cannot use finger paints too! Make our personal paint splashes yours today!

Options: Individual: 1 box / 2 boxes / 4 boxes
Duplicates: 1 box / 2 boxes / 4 boxes / Top tear and side tear / Features / 150 individual or 120 duplicates is considered a box. Each box includes 6 check pads, 30 deposit vouchers and 1 check register /