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Supplier: Conceal Plus
Type: RFID Wallets

The clip-on wallet of the Blocr card with RFID lock technology features an elegant and modern design while protecting your personal and financial information from electronic pickpockets. This support for milled cards is our most versatile RFID wallet and includes an optional money clip for those who need to carry cash.

  • The Blocr card is only slightly larger than your credit cards: 3.40 "x 2.15" x 0.5 ", it protects 12 credit cards, the optional money clip adds additional functionality for those who need to carry cash.] Ergonomic design allows you to push the credit cards for easy access.The cards are stored securely in the case to provide quick and easy access to your most important cards.The women and men both love the Blocr card because it means that it is no longer necessary to dig through a messy wallet or wallet to find a frequently used card.
  • Credit cards and bank cards are used to prevent pickpockets from accessing your personal financial information and identity. peace of mind if you are traveling abroad or simply buy in your locality mall because

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE OF REIMBURSEMENT MONEY YES NO RISK – Card Blocr wallets are made of high quality aluminum for aircraft and genuine upper grain leather. Ed for our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 2 years.