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Amoeba Checks

  Amoeba Checks   Amoeba Checks   Amoeba Checks   Amoeba Checks

Shape Changers The amoeba is a mysterious microscopic creature that, although very difficult to find, is also very recognizable. They are composed of a single cell, however, some of the larger amoebas can be seen at first sight! These organisms have allowed us to study cell structure and learn more about what constitutes our world. Amoeba personal checks are a great design for people with scientific mentality like you. For some they are just places full of jelly, but for you they are incredible forms of cytoplasmic life that survive in a world beneath the surface. Get your own Amoeba personal checks right now!

Options: individual: 1 box / 2 boxes / 4 boxes
Duplicates: 1 box / 2 boxes / 4 boxes / upper break and lateral break / features / 150 individual or 120 duplicates are considered a box. Each box includes 6 check pads, 30 deposit vouchers and 1 check register /